Yachts for Life

Giving remote island communities the opportunity to make a significant contribution to life as God has intended it.

We work to empower remote Pacific Island communities through sharing of knowledge based on Biblical principles relating to every sphere of life, using sailing vessels as the means of transport for international expertize.

There are hundreds of very remote populated islands in the Pacific where it takes days to get to from the nearest airport. Although many of the people living on these islands may feel forgotten by the rest of the world, their creator has not forgotten them. To live on those islands is connected to many hardships, especially in the face of more severe cyclones and earthquakes. While there is a deep sense of the presence of God in those communities we want to communicate the love of the Father to them in person and we want to do that in very tangible ways.
Every year the yachts will embark on outreaches in the islands. We are starting with a Fiji –focus, but are planning to go well beyond Fiji. As we are reaching out, we want to collaborate with other Christian people who have a heart for these communities. The Bible Society of the Pacific, different churches and also government organizations have expressed interest to work with us.


How we do this

  • BELT (Biblical Education and Leadership seminars)
  • Biogas technology training and installation
  • Training in Aquaponics and other agricultural technology
  • “Rescue-net” disaster relief preparation
  • Family and marriage seminars
  • Youth sailing programme
  • Boating safety education
  • Close working relationship with local government, church and other NGOs.
  • Mobilizing yachts as means of transport operating out of different island nations starting with Fiji

The Yachts

The Seahawk

53ft ketch
10 berth
centre cockpit
1,75 m – 3,25 m draft (retractable centreboard)

The Mandolin

33ft sloop
4-6 berth
centre cockpit
1,85 m draft

If you are interested in joining the team, crew one of our yachts for a short outreach or if you want to pray or give financially towards the upkeep of the vessels, please send us an email!