Musicians & Singers DTS

Musicians and Singers DTS is a place to connect and grow deeper with God while growing in your musical passions. If you love to play an instrument and/or sing, this school is tailored just for you! Come and immerse yourself in a culture of prayer and worship, and find out what missions looks like through the lens of musicians and singers.

Our school provides a creative atmosphere to learn and grow in musical ability. Along with the DTS curriculum, Musicians and Singers DTS students will receive training in the area of music and worship through additional teachings, practicals, and musical projects.

During the 3 month training phase we have a variety of speakers that will:

  • Teach and equip you to serve in corporate worship through your instrument/voice
  • Give you the tools to walk in the freedom God has already purchased
  • Teach you about who God is and how to have a deep, real, enjoyable, relationship with Him
  • Train you how to boldly and clearly proclaim the gospel
  • Show you how to be led by the Holy Spirit and how to walk in the gifts that He freely gives
  • Help you discover your identity and destiny
  • Help you unlock your unique creative expression of worship
  • Enable you to encounter the Father’s heart

An added bonus to our school is that it is located amongst a diverse community of musicians and singers who serve in our local house of prayer (THOP) where you will get to rub elbows with and see first hand what it looks like to serve as a musician or singer in this context.


Course Fee

$4,500 NZD

Room, board and educational costs.

It does not include: - Visas or personal expenses such as toiletries, laundry, snacks and postage, etc. - Airfare, bus, and/or train tickets needed to get you to Tauranga. We provide airport pick-ups, however.

Activity Fee

$500 NZD

Outside of the classroom, course specific activity costs.

Outreach Fee

$3,500 - $7,500 NZD

Food, accommodation and travel.

* Cost varies depending on the location you choose during lecture phase. It does not include visa costs as this varies per person.