School of Wholistic Transformation

  • Jul 16, 2018
  • Sep 29, 2018
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The School of Wholistic Transformation equips people with tools to facilitate transformation in the area of influence God has placed them in.  It provides training in a biblical approach to community transformation for all spheres of society.  It empowers the participant to join in God’s plan for discipling nations, beginning with the wholistic development of the individual working outward through family, communities, and nations. Through Biblical Christian worldview, the course equips students to facilitate wholistic transformation on all levels and bring the kingdom of God to where they have been called. This school equips students with wholistic development strategies in order to walk in communities and help them draw out God’s unique design for them. Whether the setting is rural or urban, ministry or the spheres, the principles learned throughout this school are meant to empower both those serving and those being served to ultimately bring about God’s kingdom on earth.