Second Level Schools

What is a Second Level School?

Second Level Schools are University of the Nations accredited courses that will equip you to make a difference in the sphere God is calling you to. It's a great way to get further training after you've completed a DTS; to simply get to know God in a deeper way or by choosing a school that trains you to make an impact in the sphere God is calling you to.

We believe that God is calling us as a ministry to provide training for many of the spheres of society and are always looking to pioneer new Second Level Schools.

Upcoming Second Level Schools

Transformational Development School

Starts Jul 2, 2018

Have you wanted to bring transformation into your area of influence, but aren't sure how? Do you have a heart for the poor and needy and their communities? Have you wondered if it's actually possible for the church to bring the kingdom of God on earth? Then come with us…

School of Biblical Studies

Starts Sep 24, 2018

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a nine-month course in which students study through each of the incredible 66 books of the Bible 5 times. An inductive approach is taught, in which students observe what the text says and then let it shape their beliefs. In these nine months students study about God's beating heart for the lost, their identity and fullness in Christ, and God’s plan of redemption for mankind.

School of Worship

Starts Oct 1, 2018

This is a second level school for those who are passionate about worship, enthusiastic about music, and longing to know God on a deeper level. The heart behind the school is to call forth true worshipers who will minister to God's heart and be equipped to bring others into His presence.

School of Frontier Missions

Starts Jan 14, 2019

The School of Frontier Missions is a three month lecture phase school focused on sending long term missionaries into the field. We believe that God is sending out laborers into the field who have burning hearts for His presence and a longing to see the nations encounter Him.

Pacific Bible School for the Nations

Starts Apr 15, 2019

Join us for 4 months of deepening your relationship with God through studying His Word, then learn how to communicate His truth to others during the 2 month outreach.

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