We are based in New Zealand and have a calling to create a resting place for God's presence, train disciples and to send ambassadors of God's Kingdom into the nations.

Media DTS

Starts Jul 10, 2017

With this track we want to empower people with an interest in media to creatively use their talents for God's purposes through hands-on training and understanding the role of media in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Pioneers DTS

Starts Jul 10, 2017

This track is for those who feel called to go where few have gone before and leave a legacy for others to follow. Discover how to engage with unreached people groups and launch into accomplishing the unfinished task of missions.

Intimacy to Impact DTS

Starts Jul 10, 2017

The more personal your relationship with God is, the more fuel you'll have to impact and influence others. On Intimacy to Impact DTS you'll grow in confidence in your prayer life and in how to share Jesus with people.

Ocean to Mount DTS

Starts Jul 10, 2017

Get ready to go on an adventure experiencing the beauty, adrenaline and fun of New Zealand, connecting your longing for adventure to the One who created it. You'll learn how to draw people into the heart of God through doing what you love.

Musicians & Singers DTS

Starts Jul 10, 2017

We want to see burning hearted worshippers raised up who will awaken worship in every nation and every part of society.

Pasifika DTS

Starts Oct 2, 2017

Te Mana o Te Moana   God created the 20,000 - 30,000 Islands in the Pacific Ocean that are decorated with beautiful beaches, Coconut trees and Great Scenery. We believe that there is a new move of God that is sweeping through the South Pacific Islands. As small as we…

Activate DTS

Starts Oct 2, 2017

God is writing a story. The story of mankind. It is the story of God making a way for man to have relationship with Him again after we missed the mark. We have seen a glimpse of this story and his redemptive plan through Jesus' first coming. But there is…

Leaders Internship

Starts Jul 1, 2017

You have the innate ability to influence those around you. How are you stewarding it? Our goal for YWAM Leaders Internship is to train up leaders in every sphere of society in which they find themselves. This three-month internship is an intro to YWAM Bethlehem staff in which you will…

Pacific Bible School for the Nations

Starts Apr 17, 2017

BSN is a 6 month school consisting of a 4 month lecture phase and 2 months outreach. It is a YWAM Second Level School, so you are required to have completed a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) prior to joining us for BSN. There is nothing like a good feast!…

Seraphim’s Cry School of Worship

Starts Oct 2, 2017

School of Worship Seraphim's Cry School of Worship   The School of Worship is a 5 month school with 3 months of training followed by 2 months of outreach. It is a second level school with University of the Nations. It is a school for anyone who has completed a…

School of Frontier Missions

Starts Jan 22, 2018

The School of Frontier Missions is a three month lecture phase school focused on sending long term missionaries into the field. We believe that God is sending out laborers into the field who have burning hearts for His presence and a longing to see the nations encounter Him.

Who We Are

YWAM Bethlehem's three piece mandate is to be a resting place for God, a resting place for people and a center for training and sending missionaries to the nations. 


We are committed to disciple and train people with practical and relevant tools to make God known in all cultures, nations and spheres of society.

Missions & Prayer

We are partnering closely with the Tauranga House of Prayer. Together we're committed to worship and adore Jesus and contend for God's will to be done in our city and on Earth. We believe in the marriage of prayer and missions, not just at an organizational level but at a heart level, and that this partnership plays an important role in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Who We Are

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